“Woman Rescued A Pregnant Dog Who Was Confused, Scared, And Hungry”

  • Sandra Dizdarevic, from Lukavac, Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a true animal hero. She patrols her neighborhood and surrounding areas daily to feed homeless animals and provide medical care to those in need. It’s no surprise that this compassionate woman rescued a homeless, confused, and pregnant dog off the street. Sandra not only rescues dogs but also visits the vet clinic regularly to check on the animals she has already saved. One morning, on her way to the clinic, she encountered a lost and bewildered dog. This dog was also scared and malnourished. Sandra tried to approach the dog, but it was too frightened to come near her, stepping back for every step she took forward. Despite the dog’s reluctance, Sandra persisted, watching over him and trying hard to earn his trust. Eventually, she discovered the dog was female and pregnant when she managed to pet her.
  • Sandra gave it her all and eventually gained the dog’s confidence. She named her Lorena and vowed to make her and her puppy’s lives better. Gently embracing her, Sandra took Lorena to the veterinarian. According to Dr. Nurija Omerovic, the clinic’s chief veterinarian, Lorena had only one puppy, but he noted that the puppy’s critical condition might complicate the delivery. Additionally, Lorena was a young dog, likely under a year old. To ensure everything went smoothly, Dr. Omerovic recommended that she stay at the clinic until she gave birth. Lorena was content and relaxed. She ate well and even took morning walks. About a week later, she gave birth to Luana. Dr. Omerovic managed to prevent a C-section. Now no longer confused, frightened, or hungry, Lorena and her puppy were ready for the next step. The mother dog and her puppy spent about two weeks at the veterinarian’s office. Dr. Omerovic wanted to ensure they were both in good health. Sandra then took them under her care and moved them to her shelter, Give A Canine A Home. Lorena and Luana will spend the next few weeks with Sandra until they are healthy and ready to find new homes. Until then, they will be loved and cared for, as they deserve.