A Loyal Dog Spends Days Outside The Hospital Waiting For His Dad To Return

  • About a month ago, a peculiar yet frequent visitor arrived at the Medical Park Trabzon Karadeniz Hospital in Turkey. His name was Boncuk, and he was an exceptionally devoted dog. This little white dog would appear at the hospital every day at 9 a.m. and wait outside the sliding glass door until sunset. Boncuk began his daily vigil when his owner, Cemal Senturk, was admitted for treatment. The hospital staff first noticed the loyal dog as he accompanied the ambulance. Cemal’s relatives kindly took Boncuk home after he was admitted, but Boncuk couldn’t bear to be separated from his owner for long. According to Cemal’s daughter, Aynur Egeli, every time she brought Boncuk home, he would run back to the hospital to wait for his owner.
  • Boncuk behaved well and did not bother anyone while waiting outside the hospital’s main entrance. He simply waited for his owner to appear. Boncuk’s loyalty touched the hearts of the hospital staff. Many staff members went out of their way to care for Boncuk, regularly feeding and checking on him. They even arranged for the pair to reunite. Boncuk sat happily by his owner’s hospital bed, enjoying being petted. The reunion transformed Boncuk, who finally wore his broadest smile and wagged his tail for the first time in days. Cemal shared that Boncuk had been with him for nine years and was very accustomed to his presence, expressing how much he missed his dog. Fortunately, Cemal has since been discharged from the hospital, and the little white dog is thrilled to be reunited with his owner for good.
  • https://www.youtube.com/embed/nXJ-sgF1Ceg