They rescue a dog that was used for street fights, he cries when they give him a bed

Manchas, a sociable and beloved pitbull terrier in his neighborhood, didn’t always have such a happy life. His previous owners forced him into street fights, neglected to feed him properly, and he developed skin cancer as a result.

Manchas had given up hope until he managed to break free from his chains and found a family that took him in and healed him. When they bought him his first bed, he couldn’t believe it and began to cry, grateful that his nights of cold, heat, and mosquitoes were over. He showed his appreciation to his rescuers with loving licks.

The tragic story of spots

Abigail Castro recounts the tale of Mancha, a dog who arrived at her doorstep alone and in dire condition. Seeing his injuries, neglected fur, and sorrowful demeanor, she wasted no time and immediately took him to the vet. There, he was diagnosed with skin cancer, malnutrition, and infected wounds.

Without knowing who owned the dog, Abigail began searching for the owner on social media. An anonymous source eventually informed her that he belonged to a neighbor and had been used in illegal street fights.

“He mentioned that his previous owners had forced him into dog fights and kept him solely for that purpose.”

Despite attempting to reach out to others who might take him in, there was little interest, so he decided to take him under his wing and welcomed him into his family.

When they give manchas his first bed, he cries.

The nights felt endless, the days sweltering, with no one showing him much attention after enduring nights on the hard floor, chained with bugs bothering his wounds. His new family not only provided him with shelter but also treated his skin ailments, fed him, and played with him. What more could he ask for?

One day, his owner noticed spots on the beds of her other dogs, prompting her to collect money curiously but without approaching him. Knowing he was a pitbull terrier, she decided to find a bed that suited him perfectly. When she presented it to him as a gift, he was deeply moved. Abigail, unaware of his emotional response, saw tears welling up in his eyes.

“He’s so content now; the day we got him the bed, he broke down in tears. I have a picture of him crying in his bed.”

I assured him he deserved it, given his exceptional behavior and bravery despite his troubled past. He’s turned all negativity around and is adored by everyone. He enjoys playing with local kids, keeping the neighbors company at night, and he’s fiercely protective of his family, ready to confront any intruder without hesitation.