Aftеr 15 Mоnths In Kеnnеls, Blind Dog Gets To Run Free In His Own Field

When a dog arrives at a shelter, the staff and volunteers usually strive to find a suitable placement for him as quickly as possible, whether it’s with a foster family or in a loving permanent home.

However, rescue placements are not always immediate, and in high-risk shelters, dogs that don’t find a home soon enough are tragically euthanized.

Dogs that don’t find a home are sometimes kept in kennels at no-kill shelters for weeks or even months until a family comes to adopt them.

When a 5-year-old blind Collie named Jacko was rescued, the staff hoped he would soon be adopted. However, days turned into weeks, then months, and Jacko remained at the kennel.

The rescue team became increasingly determined to find Jacko a loving home where he belonged. However, it wouldn’t be easy.

According to the rescue, Jacko is “incredibly affectionate and loving with people he knows but can be wary of strangers.” They also mentioned that Jacko still needed a family of his own, but they were determined to find the perfect fit for him. They wanted him to go to a home that suited him well.

“Jacko hopes to live as a single dog with a special person and would love a rural home with a large yard where he can run freely,” the rescue said.

After 15 months, the long-awaited day arrived: Jacko had been adopted!

The news was shared on TikTok by the rescue, who said, “Wonderful news about our beloved Jacko! After a year of waiting for the staff to visit him each day, patiently waiting for hugs, stories, and secret cheese, Jacko finally gets to run free in his own yard with his own human. Every day!”

“He now has unlimited freedom, a dedicated owner, and even furry friends!” says the rescue. No one deserves it more than our sweet Jacko. “Congratulations on your adoption!”