Rabbit’s R1 is a little AI gadget that grows with you | TechCrunch

Image credits: Brian Heater A rented DeLorean emblazoned with Rabbit branding was parked out front, a postmodern homage to the event’s decades-long embrace of the past. Less noticeable was the Ritchie Valens song sandwiched between Motown hits on the elevator speakers as we descended three floors to the underground event space. Hundreds of attendees were […]

Not checking this WiFi setting is like “leaving your front door open” for hackers

We love the Internet. Whether we’re making insomnia-fueled eBay bids on action figures from our childhood, emailing Taylor Swift’s latest conspiracy theory to our best friend, or simply paying the electric bill, being online makes our lives more enjoyable. fun, more connected and much more. Easier. Unfortunately, there are countless thugs who love the fact […]